optimizing keywords in 2015

Optimizing keywords in 2015, what is the key?

By: Rémi | 11 May 2015
Optimizing keywords in 2015, what is the key?

As an industry, the means we have used to obtain optimal results for each keyword were not as effective as it is supposed to be. We used different words to express the same meaning, we just tried to find different ways of expressing a keyword that could bring us more money, and insert it in all subjects on which we have created content. It was not possible for us to find relevant keywords that can reach more than one stage of the purchase cycle. Sometimes we even write something that is not authentic to the subject content.Nowadays, when you place your ad, it is not necessary to remind people that they need something, such ads must meet all the needs of all kinds of people. So do not worry about the 30-second spots that will never meet the agreements of each individual, the website you created is made for that.

The originality of the algorithm that Google uses is that it was done to remember the great reward that you get when you publish a “new content” every day. The goal was not to find every time a new theme. The objective was to make Google see that you update your site. Clearly, this has increased the motivation of the SEO industry, but unfortunately in a very bad way. We were guilty because we have participated in generating the “clash of content.”


Thin content

Google thought that using the good content was apparently effective, but using the bad one is good as well, and that was the problem for marketing researchers who developed the content of their advertising these last recent years.

So last year, the purpose of the Panda algorithm that Google has implemented was to clarify the principle of ‘thin content”, which is now” thin content with little or no added value “. For example, we knew the complexity of foreign trade. Customers wanted to know what it was and how to use it. In fact, we used so many times articles that have only some small differences, and we have spread them across the Internet.

Obviously, this method is no longer used, for the best since we are no longer obliged to write the article again and again. The only thing that is significant is that our site on international trade is better than the other sites that have the same subject, as Wikipedia. This is the result of several possibilities that Google provides us to demonstrate our expertise. The inclusion of several elements in the Wikidata (previously called Freebase) is a very good point for us to reach the top of the rank in terms of search result as long as our content is interesting. Without going to details, there are a considerable number of factors that can push your site on the top or on the bottom of the rankings. But the use of “Knowledge Graph” is another important opportunity to reach the first line, even if the amount of investment used to obtain the result is not quite the same.



In 2014, the most important for SEO is that you get the ranked well for keywords located at the top of your funnel. If you are unable to do so, googlebot won’t go until the bottom of your funnel and you will lose not only your customers, but Google as well. Answering the question “Where do I do foreign trade?” is not the only way for you to get a good ranking for your keyword.

Brands should be aware that creating another link is not the only way to reach the top of the rankings. They just have to write the full content that can satisfy the needs of each person making a search.

When people do research on the net, they do not just visit one site. It is therefore important for you to be mentioned on other websites where the public is accustomed to seeing. The trick is not in the link itself, or keyword, but to be able to answer your audience questions that you can’t answer on your own website and the use of right keywords intent. Another tip: Make sure that your product is reviewed by individuals who have a great influence on other people.

People doing research on the internet rather choose local suppliers that these very large sites. This is why the algorithm of Venice was released. On it, the purpose of Google is trying to satisfy all the desires of users and to provide them an unforgettable experience. This is why Google provides as many intents as possible. The SEOs makes its sense by satisfying the searchers as much as possible with their own websites which is important for ranking for major terms in 2015.

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